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Clara Morgane, the French pornographic idol

This Frenchwoman known as Clara Morgane, from her real name Emmanuelle Aurélie Munos, mostly known as a star. Notably a model at first, who then trained her in the field that made her known to the general public, and which marked the beginning of her great success. She decided to do scenes only with her boyfriend at the time, Greg Centauro, and then she went looking for a little elsewhere later on. Her first video was shot with her boyfriend, which was to make the buzz simply because seeing a model displaying her curves and her magnificent naked shapes for free was inevitably more to all your darons at that time. Although she claims to be more of an exhibitionist than a porn actress in her opinion, what people want to see is her being fucked by her boyfriend or another guy. And this proves that she is a very good actress and that she knows exactly what to do to make herself attractive and sexy to the people watching her videos. By the way, everyone was disappointed when she announced her departure from porn, everyone loves Clara Morgane and would have liked to see her again and again in even hotter scenes.

But we are here to talk about who to leave this female porn goddess, because without her we wouldn’t be sure that the XXX videos would have been such a success with society. For her, who only wanted to get rid of the very hard and strict upbringing of her parents, she found refuge in French porn a bad for a good for all of us in the end. From now on absolutely everybody knows the famous Clara Morgane, whether it is for her very hot photo shoots in lace and small outfits. Or even her cabarets which satisfy many of her fans in return for the end of her professional career in pornography. But don’t worry, she is present in many places, after having presented a lot of bloopers, she is now the presenter of the hardcore newspaper on Canal+, owns a brand of sexy lingerie, and for the most curious she also sings very well. In addition to being one of the sexiest women on this planet, she remains one of the best French porn actresses, and the best in our hearts, because even if she stopped porn she continues to make us dream every day with all her being.

Many films with breathtaking scenarios

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