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The biggest semen eaters are in France.

We have noticed that many of you love to see women swallowing their partner's sperm. So here's the Swallow category, which is now available on the categories page. You will find a lot of different and varied videos but they all have two things in common. Firstly, they will all have a very exciting scene of a woman swallowing sperm, just so you don't waste the liquor. You may not know it yet but these bitches never leave a crumb. When it's a threesome, it's even more complicated because they don't want to share it with each other. So you'd better have your balls full to feast on those two women kneeling in front of you, sticking out their tongues, begging you to cum down their throats. It is above all a scene of sharing, but often men have women who don't want to swallow. This makes them very unhappy, maybe they have a bad taste, in this case we advise you to drink a lot of sugar for 1 week before intercourse. If your wife still doesn't want to, then it doesn't matter, maybe she's not the one.

And that's when the second common point appears, we will be there for you in that case, we will offer you videos of the best possible quality. So that you can believe it, as if it were you with that woman. You have understood the other common point, is that we will only provide you with quality videos, as we are used to on xFrenchies. The best scenes where these French pigs swallow will be available to you for free at any time of the day. Come and discover the pleasure that a French woman with a cock in her mouth swallowing all the sperm she can, thinking it's a bottle. Some of them even suck you off on purpose like the goddess of the pipe, so that you quickly spit in their big sucker mouth. French women are really vicious when you really don't expect it. You will discover the craziest scenarios all ending with a scene where nothing is lost.

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